A rug offers different variety of functions to a room – a minimalist statement, an elegant response to overall style and atmosphere; it can harmonize eclecticism of the space, putting together the separate elements; or it can be a deliberate and bold contrast giving the character and identity to a room. A rug can dramatically change the perception.

Because of this reason we recommend that you try the rug at home before making a decision. So checking the size, color and design in your house is the only way to make sure it’s absolutely right for the space. It is a personal process, which requires expertise and guidance.

Consultation service helps you from the first step. Skilled members of our team, who have professional knowledge and experience in interior design and architecture will visit your home to offer professional advice and style recommendations.

Only by putting the rug in your reality you can see what is the best choice for your home.

To arrange a Home Consultation or Approval, please contact us.