About Laroque studios

Laroque Studios™ is a Milano-based house with a creative individual approach. Our team being fond of art, architecture and contemporary culture, found the unique alternative path, turning Laroque Studios™ into a creator of hand-knotted rugs.
In the heart of our work - a passion for modern design and love for the original traditions. We find inspiration in everything that surrounds us - pristine nature, urban scenes, culture and art, travel. So, the first being in Nepal, we immediately felt a special mood of this country, full of inspiration and sacred energy imbued with the openness and responsiveness of people who live there. As well and our carpets retains all the magic of this place, convey the warmth and care of the masters and bring into your home the special energy and comfort which could appear only in the Himalayas.
The collections combine the classical elements and contemporary design, attention to details and an eclectic use of materials with an emphasis on custom-developed design.
Laroque Studios™ is housed in the heart of Milano, via Sirtori 15.


We produce our rugs exclusively by hand so the possibilities of the design are infinite and we are always open to new ideas. We have an extensive variety of designs and sizes, but you may still find it necessary to have a chosen design specifically tailored to your space. There are endless possibilities to create your unique carpet using more than 1200 different colors, materials like wool and silk, combined with different textures and patterns.

We can adjust the colours and materials, the scale of pattern, size and shape of the rug, so it is perfectly tailored to your requirements. All your ideas can become reality!

Depending on the type and the count of the knots, the complexity of the design and the dimensions of each particular rug, production takes around 6 - 32 weeks. Upon the request it is also possible to create a small sample of the rug you wish.

Our team - architects, interior designers and rug experts will assist you during all the process until you have your desired rug.


We are proud to say that no machines are ever used in our process and we still produce rugs the way that have been produced for centuries.
The production of Laroque rugs is based in Nepal. The rugs are hand-knotted using the Tibetan technique according to centuries-old tradition. The technique of hand-knotting is an ancient craft, requiring very high- skilled craftsmen. The ancient art form and master craft of hand knotting rugs continues today.
The designs are conceived using a computer at the creative center in Bochum and sent via the Internet to the workshops in Nepal. After the design drawn on graph paper the weavers take it and begin the process of making the rug.
Rugs are knotted on a loom. The model containing all the information of the design and color is slipped behind the loom for the weavers to check at any time.
Once it is knotted, the rug is shaven and, if necessary, the details of the design are carved out (embossing). In order to eliminate all unnecessary remains and to fix the color properly, the rug is thoroughly washed with fresh cold water, brushed and stretched out under the sunshine to dry.

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Laroque studios™ Moscow
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Phone: +7 925 542 75 90
Monday to Saturday 10.00–19.00